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lamplit underground

Richmond Skyline

      Carved in wood by Eric Toll

Old Time Bike

  Wood Carving by Eric Toll

The Tea Party

          By Elise Rorick

Faerie Tales

Wood Carving by Eric Toll

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Reading the Stars

                By Elise Rorick

Elise Rorick is a fine art photographer living and working in Indiana. She loves reading almost as much as she loves making art, and nearly always incorporates books, literature, or esoteric knowledge into her photographs. She is a self proclaimed nerd, loves Doctor Who, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, and Neil Gaiman, is fascinated by stories as well as the sea, and specializes in underwater photography (yes in Indiana). She is currently experimenting with mixed media, seeking new and unique ways to meld painting and photography for a unique end product. She also does portrait and wedding photography, designs book covers, and teaches painting classes. Visit to get to know her better!

Wisdom Mocking Age

               By Alexander C. Kafka

Banquo's Ghost

     By Alexander C. Kafka

Alexander C. Kafka is a journalist (, photographer (, and composer ( in Bethesda, Maryland. Publications featuring photography include SmokeLong Quarterly, Whisperings, and Quail Bell magazines; Forty Ounce Bachelors and Mongoose webzines;; and The Washington Post (as a travel photography contest finalist). 

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