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Average age of current empire

~250 years

Average age of sur (universe)


Coughing and sputtering, the car stumbled to a stop upon the side of a country

road. Punching the steering wheel with her fists, rain pounding do...

"The Snowy Bench"

 "The Night the Earth Got Wet"


 "Give us Light"

 "Snow Ball Fight"

Katrina Jones is a woman-child who walks barefoot around the yard, scrutinizing the ground as she steps.  For badgers and wolverines, she says,...

Naming Rites


Despite their name,

night herons are out in the day,

piercing the lake shoals

with determined black beaks.

A snowy egret flutters plume...

Cocaine Mummy


She tilts her chin at our stares as we ghost


past her crisp glass coffin. She cricks her neck,


cracks the wrinkled grin of an old...

     The warehouses to my left reminded me of acacias, more precisely, the idea of acacias, for I can only reliably identify the...

     Randy wouldn’t shut up about trying out for the baseball team. Joe slammed on the brakes. Randy’s head crashed into the windshield. It crac...

Storm surges from the southwest, wind and a mix of snow 


and ice and rain. Night of cats, night of glowing eyes, night 



of soft footfalls troub...

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