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lamplit underground


Lamplit Underground is an online literary/arts magazine devoted to all that is slightly odd, a touch off-putting and in most cases, beautifully so. The title comes from a group of kids hiding in an underground fort with lamplight and walkie talkies. It is nostalgic, it is unique, it is frightening. It is not a haven for the crude or the rude, but rather the brave, the adventurous, and the eerily grotesque.


We like Edward Gorey, Bette Davis, Oscar Wilde’s fairy tales, and anything by Octavia Butler. We also fancy anything aquatic, folklore, classic film and bluegrass. We love travel and we love diversity. Moved from Richmond VA to Alphabet City, NY, Lamplit Underground espouses no particular genre, gives voice to new and published writers alike, and strives to bring its subscribers fresh, insightful, and preferably spine-tingling art.

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