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Two poems by Rose Knapp

Trap Grime House

Average age of current empire

~250 years

Average age of sur (universe)

~6 billion/1

Average age of miss multiverse


Average age of trans people


Aristotelian Anastasian Anesthesia

Blok. I am a poet? Fuck data me-—

Me. So I created dis poem? Na

About grey nightshade

About purple police...

About black bp tar///

Or academic keta\\\

Or beat slit bullshit

Or elite coal miners

Or Williams go-aheads

By witch I mean I meme

And disavow all this shit

Because Plato told us all

To do so but instead I play

With dough & dough & doe

Rose Knapp is a poet, producer, and multimedia artist. She has publications in Chicago Literati, Visitant, BlazeVOX, Bombay Gin, Para·Text, and others.​

She currently lives and works in Manhattan.


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