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"Nice Weather Today" 5 Photographs

"The Snowy Bench"

"The Night the Earth Got Wet"


"Give us Light"

"Snow Ball Fight"


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Two poems by Rose Knapp

Trap Grime House Average age of current empire ~250 years Average age of sur (universe) ~6 billion/1 Average age of miss multiverse ~Unknown Average age of trans people ~30 Aristoteli

Empty Glass

Coughing and sputtering, the car stumbled to a stop upon the side of a country road. Punching the steering wheel with her fists, rain pounding down upon metal and glass, Sally slumped back in her seat

Katrina Jones by Danielle Davis

Katrina Jones is a woman-child who walks barefoot around the yard, scrutinizing the ground as she steps. For badgers and wolverines, she says, because they like to hide in their holes. Sometimes you

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