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My Sister’s Song


My dentist, Dr. Sasaki, told me 


I have severe periodontal disease


and acid erosion


I told him I was only there for a cleaning





     In a single text message, I'm told four versions of the same statement. This is a symptom of Intoxicated Looping Languag...

Disabused, wary – a wall


around a picturesque dungeon


where sweetness shakes its chains ... I must be


a Frenchwoman, she thinks. Proves it,





The selkies in her head


have woken,


reaping shells as she takes the bus.


The woman feels the turn,


the ebb of sand under her thickening...

Attacked by Birds

(after the painting by André Masson)


Whatever reason is, if there is, for the malevolence of birds

born of proto-feathers even b...

Genuine Genesis 




Created in holy His image


Adam was in fact a gay 


Who loved Satan more than himself


While Eve’s sexual partner was also


The h...

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